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01. Do It [Shelley]
02. Innocent [Shelley]
03. T T T [Shelley]
04. Isolation [Diggle]
05. Smile [Shelley]
06. Last To Know [Shelley]
07. When Love Turns Around [Diggle]
08. Never Gonna Give It Up [Shelley]
09. Energy [Diggle]
10. Palm Of Your Hand [Shelley]
11. Alive Tonight [Diggle]
12. Who'll Help Me To Forget? [Shelley]
13. Unthinkable [Diggle]
14. Crystal Night [Shelley]
15. 369
16. All Over You [Shelley]
17. Inside [Diggle]

(Tracklisting indicative of US release)

Newly remastered 2005 reissue also features the single version of "Do It," plus "Libertine Angel," "Roll It Over," and "Excerpt From Prision Riot Hostage." It also has extensive liner notes by Tony Barber. Get it now on amazon.co.uk or amazon.com!