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[official Mute release; issued in 1991 by Document - UK; originally a 1977 bootleg]

01. You Tear Me Up [Devoto/Shelley]
02. Breakdown [Devoto/Shelley]
03. Friends of Mine [Devoto/Shelley]
04. Orgasm Addict [Devoto/Shelley]
05. Boredom [Devoto/Shelley]
06. Time's Up [Devoto/Shelley]
07. Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean) [Devoto/Shelley]
08. Love Battery [Devoto/Shelley]
09. I Can't Control Myself [Presley/James]
10. I Love You, You Big Dummy [Van Vilet]
11. Don't Mess Me 'Round

Note: All of Howard Devoto's Buzzcocks lyrics are
available in his book It Only Looks As If It Hurts...