01. flat-pack philosophy [Shelley]
02. wish i never loved you [Shelley]
03. sell you everything [Diggle]
04. reconciliation [Shelley]
05. i don't exist [Shelley]
06. soul survivor [Diggle]
07. god, what have I done? [Shelley]
08. credit [Shelley]
09. big brother wheels [Diggle]
10. dreamin' [Shelley]
11. sound of a gun [Diggle]
12. look at you now [Shelley]
13. i've had enough [Shelley]
14. between heaven and hell [Diggle]

the new studio album - to be released March 6th (7th in North America), with the single "wish i never loved you" out Feb. 20th on Cooking Vinyl! Order now: Townsend | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Rhino (US)

production & arrangements by Tony Barber

listen to the title track and first single now on MySpace,
and more treats to come

also be available on vinyl exclusively via Damaged Goods