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The latest studio album (2003) continues to receive great reviews - "what may well be the best of its seven studio albums, one that even approaches the heights of the stellar Singles Going Steady collection"* and is now available in limited edition vinyl from the Italian label Get Back.

The band are already working on the next record, which will likely be out in February/March 2006.

Now Available Online - ROCKAWAY RECORDS
Argentinean release of the 2003 album featuring a different cover (inspired by the "Jerk" 45), two bonus tracks, and the "Jerk" promo video clip. The two bonus tracks are both by Steve Diggle - "Don't Come Back," and the never-before-released "Not Gonna Take It."
Also limited quantities of the the CD are available via mail order at 18 USD, 10 UK Pounds, or 15 Euro (shipping & handling included). Special offer for customers via an exclusive compilation of THE BOYS called "Satisfaccion Garantizada" or a brand new CD from the legendary Argentinean punk singer PIL from the band LOS VIOLADORES which was mastered by Tony Barber and Harvey Birrell in London. For details on mail order and/or this special offer, send an e-mail to Cash (well hidden at customers' own risk), PayPal, and Western Union are accepted:
Mariano Asch / Rockaway Records
Casilla de Correo 16
1638 Vicente Lopez
Buenos Aires



Order the North American CD from, or the UK/European version from

album cover

Track listing:

01. Jerk

02. Keep On
03. Wake Up Call
04. Friends

05. Driving You Insane
06. Morning After
07. Sick City Sometimes
08. Stars
09. Certain Move
10. Lester Sands
11. Up For The Crack
12. Useless

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 12 by Shelley; Tracks 8, 10 by Shelley/Devoto;
Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 by Diggle

Help out by requesting "Sick City Sometimes" from your local alt-rock radio station. Stations that have either played "Jerk" or other tracks already or have expressed interest are: WBCN Boston, KUPD Arizona, WHFS Virginia, WLIR New York, KRXQ Sacramento, KDGE Dallas, Live 105 San Francisco, and KROQ Los Angeles & New York. If you live near one of these stations, or any alternative rock station, please request airplay. Of course, community/college radio is much more receptive and progressive, so please support your local stations...

Sick City Sometimes

Out now - "sick city sometimes" is available on Damaged Goods and at the current gigs. It's been getting some UK airplay... Please help by requesting it on the Mark & Lard show and the Jo Whiley show, both on BBC Radio 1.

The b-side includes a never before released track called "Never Believe It" (Shelley) and a great live version of "Paradise."

It is available on clear & black vinyl and on CD (both limited editions!).


The first single - "jerk" - is available in limited edition 7" bright pink vinyl on Damaged Goods.

Besides "jerk" from the new studio album, the single features an unreleased Steve Diggle track from the recent album sessions called "don't come back," and a great version of "oh shit" recorded live in 2000 (also previously unreleased).


The New Yorker: "The twelve songs here are easily the strongest set since the band’s vintage days." " of the best records of 2003 so far."
All Music Guide: "Musically, this is tough, propulsive music which rocks with a direct and spirited pulse..."
Washington Times: "Sonically invigorating, headlong and to the point, this enigmatically untitled CD is also smart, funny, sad and more than a little bit scary."
Alternative Press (April issue): "Truly original pop-punk from 70s pioneers."
earpollution: "Pick this up and hear for yourself the blueprint of all things pop-punk for the past generation."
Seattle Weekly: " loud, snotty, and consistently melodic blitzkrieg bop of an album, delivering a dozen scorchers in just over 30 minutes."
Bleedmusic: "...finds the band blazing a trail back to the formative tunnel-vision of their youth. Sawn-off and DIY."
SPONIC: "There’s not a bad track to be found, And it’s all over in just over 30 minutes. Play it loud, play it proud." [highest rating]
Playboy: "...bursts with energetic, catchy anthems, and you're left sweaty and wanting more."

* Steve Gozdecki,
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