Pete Shelley

Pete Shelley promo pic  circa 1983

The Best Of Pete Shelley, was released originally in Japan in November, 2001, and then on the Grapevine label in the UK...

Track Listing
01. Telephone Operator
02. (Millions Of People) No One Like You
03. Homosapien
04. Many A Time
05. XL-1
06. Witness The Change
07. Maxine
08. If You Ask Me (I Won't Say No)
09. Qu'est-Ce Que C-est Que Ca
10. Yesterday's Not Here
11. I Don't Know What It Is
12. I Generate A Feeling
13. What Do I Get? -Buzzcocks
14. Ever Fallen In Love...? -Buzzcocks
15. Everybody's Happy Nowadays -Buzzcocks
16. Telephone Operator / Many A Time [Dub]
17. Telephone Operator [Tony Castle Mobile Mix]
Latest News
Pete's vocals appear prominently on two tracks on V2 Records' THE ADORED EP by the terrific young LA band! The first track, "TV Riot," is now available as a free MP3. The other track is titled "Sex Is In Fashion" and the EP is now available. [get MP3 and more info]
Update:December, 2005: Check back soon for big news about reissues of Homosapien and XL1!
Pete's solo lyrics will be added to our online discography section soon
Pete Shelley, Homosapien  

Homosapien album coverPete Shelley's classic solo album Homosapien has been released on CD for the first time in the USA by Razor & Tie! It includes 5 tracks from the also-classic XL1 as a bonus! Overseas fans should note that it contains tracks from the original US-Arista Records release not on the UK-Genetic/Island release such as "Love in Vain" and "In Love with Somebody Else."


***The following is reprinted in its entirety from a review in the Los Angeles Times, March 14, 1997: by Robert Hilburn; Rating: 3 out of 4 stars. Pete Shelley, HOMOSAPIEN, Razor & Tie Records***"Though this early '80s synth-pop by one of the co-founders of England's Buzzcocks rock group stirred slight commercial interest at the time, the critically admired recordings helped shatter the image of synthesizer music as something sterile and cold. In fact, Shelley injected his songs with such wonderfully stimulating and evocative touches that you could picture such diverse pop-rock figures as Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker both being influenced by these tracks as youngsters. "For Reznor, 'Homosapien'--the single and album--pointed to ways electronic music could be used to frame extremes. At the same time, Shelley's music may have underscored for Cocker the wonders of the seductive pop melodies and sweeping arrangements. "In these 15 tracks, drawn from two solo albums, Shelley creates an extraordinary musical tension at times by contrasting bright, bubbly textures with themes of overpowering obsessions--romantic and otherwise.

"It is solidly crafted and disarmingly vulnerable pop, filled with moments of unchecked desire and paralyzing insecurities--told with a witty sophistication reminiscent of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry."

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Pete Shelley on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 20-Oct-2000

Brisbane band Lavish scored a hit cover of Pete's "Homosapien." In May, 1999, it was in the top 10 on the Australian Singles Chart!
Also, look for Pete Shelley's track on the Can remix album, available on Mute records.