buzzkunst, the debut album from Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley, has been named one of the top 50 best albums of 2002 by Uncut magazine!
Pete & Howard in 1976 Track Listing
1. Can You See Me Shining?
2. Strain Of Bacteria
3. Deeper
4. 'Til The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead
5. On Solids
6. Self-Destruction
7. You Are Still There
8. God's Particle
9. A World To Give Away
10. Stupid Kunst
11. System Blues
12. So There I Was
13. Wednesday's Emotional Setup
14. Going Off

Plus Digital Video footage
"'Til The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead" and
"Going Off"

CD Single (Cooking Vinyl; promo only)
1. 'Til The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead
2. Breakdown (bonus)
3. Punk Of Me (bonus)

Additional tracks intended for Japanese album release

Written and produced by Howard Devoto & Pete Shelley

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Left: Clive Barker's Brotherhood (oil on canvas) used on the CD cover; followed by three promo pics from 2002 by Joe Dilworth

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