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the new studio album

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Amazing DVD recorded live at Sheperd's Bush Empire, London, in 2003. In additional to the full live set (32 songs!), it features tons of exclusive video footage, interview, memorabilia, and more!

New US version: Order now. [Order UK version]

Great t-shirts and other merch are now available online from American manufacturer, Impact Merchandising, or you can order via phone (800-435-0349), fax (888-889-8922).

New UK merch available from Backstreet International!

Order the 2003 studio album from, or the UK/European version from

Argentinean release now available - featuring bonus tracks and video. Get all the details

Inventory - incredible singles box set containing 14 discs from EMI/Capitol!

Out now in the US as well!

Don't miss Steve Diggle's latest album entitled SERIOUS CONTENDER!
Buy the remastered and enhanced trade test transmissions CD now - UK | US
Complete Singles Anthology, a new low priced 3-disc set featuring all singles from the 90s and 00s - and much more!
The Steve Diggle book - Harmony In My Head - is available via and
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