Chris, Steve, Pete, Danny
The Way
Our ninth studio album THE WAY will be in general reelase in November. Listen to the first single "It's Not You" on Soundcloud now!
Spiral Scratch Be sure to visit our new UK / European merch store!
THE WAY is now available digitally (except for North America*)! Get it on all major download sites in your countries/regions.

*North American release, and physical releases everywhere, are dropping on November 18th [15-Oct-14]
More shows confirmed, including the Bang Fest in Southern California. See Live Dates for details, and all of our October THE WAY tour in the UK. [18-Aug-14]
The first of our U.S. shows (in conjuction with the Riot Fest dates in Sept) are confirmed! More to come shortly. See Live Dates for details. [16-June-14]
New dates announced, including an October UK tour and an appearance Primavera in Barcelona!! See Live Dates for details.[19-May-14]
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16 - UK, Brighton
17 - UK, Poole

18 - UK, Reading