Secret Public

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Secret Public is the name of Buzzcocks official news letter, launched in 1978 to communicate news of the band's activities to fans. When the original line-up split in 1981 this also meant the end of the original newsletter which ran for 9 issues up to April of that year. In 1996 the newsletter was re-launched by Tony McGartland out of Northern Ireland (author of Buzzcocks - The Complete History) and it continued with issue number 10.

The Secret Public logo is a muted post horn. It is the symbol of Tristero, an anarchist postal service which has existed for centuries. The story of the horn comes from the novel The Crying Of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon.

Newsletter issues 10 through 16 were published on an earlier version of this website, and they may be reproduced here in time.
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