Side Projects
Homosapien album cover

by Pete Shelley

Pete's classic 80s albums Homosapien and XL1 have been reissued! These remastered CDs include updated booklets with lyrics.

Some Reality
by Steve Diggle

Steve's latest album is SERIOUS CONTENDER

Lift Off With Airport album cover Tony Barber's airport project plans for a new album in 2007. Check out a great video from the first album!

by Pete Shelley & Howard Devoto

Howard Devoto's 1983 solo album Jerky Versions of the Dream has been digitally remastered and is out now in the UK and in the US!

phuture experiments CD cover Experience phuture experiments by the think/tank
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Check out Steve Garvey's new website! (May, 2006)

Lack Of Knowledge (Tony & Phil's teenage band) - All the material recorded by LOK for Crass Records during the early 80s is being re released by Southern Records (Crass distributor)... no release date yet. Get all details on the new MySpace site!

Airport have a track on a new Ramones tribute album! (Jan '05)
- Tony has produced 3 songs by New York band The Choke at Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn during July... will be recording album with them over the next 3 months....Tony says it's the best band in NY in the last 5 years (really!).
- Also, Tony has recorded bass on CHELSEA's forthcoming new studio album FASTER, CHEAPER & BETTER LOOKING on Captain Oi Records (UK). Release schedule is end of 2005.
Magazine featured Howard Devoto

Stratford Mercenaries featured Phil Barker, aka the think/tank